Friday, October 3, 2008

Recipe #14 Chicken Paprikas

Chicken Paprikas

1 onion chopped ½ pint sour cream
1 T. salt 1 T. paprika
4-5 lb. Chicken 2 T. flour
1 tsp. Pepper 1 ½ c. water
Brown onion in fat, add seasonings and cut up chicken. Brown. Add water, cover and let simmer slowly until tender. Remove chicken, add 2 T. flour to sour cream, then and add liquid to pan and mix. Heat slowly until slightly thickened. Add dumplings (or rice or egg noodles) and chicken. For more gravy add 1 cup milk to sour cream.
3 eggs beaten 1 T. salt
3 c. flour ½ c. water
Mix well. Drop batter by tsp. into boiling salted water. Cook 10 minutes.

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